Waste can be flowers

Garbage in Vietnam is a current concern. Along with economic development, population growth plus the waste of resources in the living habits of people, waste is an increasing number, its components become more complex and potentially more toxic risk harmful to the environment and human health. Statistics show that the growth rate of household waste in both urban and rural, industrial waste, health in our country faster than other countries, from 2003 to 2008 increase 2 times.

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Design of New National Stadium Revealed

Japan Sports Council revealed the design of New National Stadium on May 28. A planned main venue of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will have a 210,000m2 total floor area equipped with movable seats, retractable sound insulating roof, and seismic base isolation. The total construction cost is estimated at 162.5 billion yen. The demolition works of the present structure will start in July and reconstruction is scheduled to commence from October 2015 to March 2019. A group of design firms such as Nikken Sekkei, Azusa Sekkei, Nihon Sekkei and Arup is in charge of designing.

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Recording of Tokyo - Things witnessed (Part III)

Our group members are participating in the mission to learn about experiences in Japan. Our main partner is the Daily Engineering and Construction News of Japan and some related organizations in Japan. Cooperated together for almost 2 years, our partners have been in Viet Nam several times but until now, we can arrange for the first trip due to some external reasons. Everyone in the group is thrilled and looked forward to this trip because Japan is a country which is famous around the world with distinctive traditions of science and technology, human talent and cultural diversity.

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